Big Batching Trolley

Batching Trolley From M.S. Channel

(100/50MM) ‘A’ FRAME TYPE

Use: For cloth transportation in textile mills Specification :

  • It is fabricated from an M.S. channel (100/50mm) x 6mm wall thickness.
  • Top roll will be fabricated from M.S. Seamless Pipe (Ebonite quoting) The end shaft is of RIB constructed or as per customers requirement. we are also making it cladding of S.S. Sheet on a batch roll.
  • The front side pooling system is of swivel type M.S. fabricated bracket and with 10″ x 2 wheel and also as per customer’s requirement.
  • The rare side is of fixed type 12″ x 3″ wheel.
  • Batch coupling is fitted on the batch roll for rotating.

'H' Type Batching Trolley

Time tests have shown that even today 30% of the total available production time in finishing plants is used up for the transportation of cloth. Reasons could be any of the following

  • Small batch trolleys/small batch lots
  • Space constraints in process house.
  • Lack of continuous, automatic running processes

The ideal way of fabric transport which saves time and handling fabric is by using big batch carriages also Known as batching trolleys.

SHREE NIDHI ENTERPRISES manufactures these Batching trolleys both in the traditional A-frame design as well as the round tube type design. The traditional A-frame is a steel stand in the shape of “A” with the batching roller and the round tube type design is a steel tube with the batching roller.

Salient Features

Tubular frame made of structural steel with a color-coated batching roller of 215 mm Supported on Pedestal bearings.

  • H Manual braking arrangement for adjusting fabric tension for winding or unwinding
  • H Two fixed and two swivel caster for easy transportation
  • H Long locking bars at both ends
  • H Handles at both ends for ease or trolley movement
  • H Rust-free paints with customer’s color choice.


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